NZ Business – Feb 2020

Auckland business redesigns how we fish

A small Auckland-based business has developed an all-in-one modular fishing system that combines design thinking with engineering innovation to reinvent the way fishing enthusiasts fish.

TRYCD Allsalt and Allfly kits are the brainchild of engineer Tom Johanson, co-owner of Composite Developments. The concept starts with a universal base that different rods can be slotted into. The base’s innovative triangular aluminium reel seat perfectly seats a broad range of spinning reels, giving fishermen and women flexibility.

With the Allsalt four different rod alternatives can be selected to cover all saltwater fishing. The rods are made from 30T Japanese carbon, which lends strength and sensitivity to the top sections, improving performance in the water. Buyers can customise which rods they include in their set, whether they are bait fishing/straylining, softbaiting, sticking baiting or jigging.

The Allfly system is also customisable and comes with up to four different 40T Japanese carbon rods that cover all freshwater fly-fishing needs.

In both iterations, the rods and base come in a sleek Allrod carry case (designed by Johanson and pending patent) that is light and meets most airplane carry-on requirements. It is also more durable, efficient and versatile than the classic rod tube.

“The idea came from the frustration of not always having the right rod in changing conditions or in new and unknown environments,” says Johanson. “Adventures are not always solely dedicated to fishing, which means making practical compromises with the amount of gear you can take. With this system, you get the performance of a premium set of fishing rods with the accessibility of a single travel rod.

“We’ve spent thousands of hours testing these around the globe, on everything from aggressive kingfish in the Far North to giant Jack trevally in Florida, USA,” adds Johanson, who spent three years researching and developing the products.

Allsalt and Allfly launched to the market in September 2019 and the first run of production sold out in December. This year, TRYCD kits will be launched worldwide. The kits are available here and at sporting and outdoor stores around the country.

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