How We Invented TRYCD

How We Invented TRYCD

Fishing’s been around since the first humans hit the water, so we’ve been lugging rods, tubes and gear around for thousands of years. That’s why we invented TRYCD, because we were frustrated with how much fishing gear we had and how long it took to get it packed and unpacked.

The idea was to solve the problem with modular kits that were light, but that didn’t compromise the quality of the rods. There would be one kit for saltwater fishing and one for fly fishing. Both would be carried in one carry case.

We spent four years and thousands of hours perfecting the designs, working closely with our inhouse team, fishers, friends and even a rocket scientist to develop the technology. It wasn’t easy: TRYCD kits needed to be sensitive but powerful and have enough grunt to work in any conditions. The all-in-one set up had to be more durable and flexible than any other product on the market.

Usually, to create a high-performing product that’s versatile you have to make sacrifices. But we didn’t want to have to compromise, so we built on some of our existing rod blank technology and we developed everything else from the ground up. That, combined with the complexity of the scope of the designs, meant that we went through more production samples than any product we have ever designed and the longest design and testing process we have ever undertaken. A lot of blood sweat and tears went into these products!

Eventually, we had laser-cut carbon prototypes that we knew would work. To be sure, we put the rods through their paces out on the water. The ALLSALT was trialled catching aggressive kingfish in the far north of New Zealand, giant Jack trevally in Florida, USA, and everything else in between. The ALLFLY got a workout on most of the major rivers in New Zealand and in the US, on the mighty Snake River in the Pacific Northwest. And at the end of 2019, TRYCD was launched to the world.

Here’s how the systems work: The ALLSALT is a saltwater spinning rod series that covers all the major types of inshore saltwater fishing. There are four different tips to choose from: Strayline (bait fishing), Softbait (artificial bait), Jig (metal lures) and Topwater (surface lures). The base fits any tip and has a removable insert that strengthens the base when targeting bigger fish with an adjustable end section that changes the length of the rod and allows for more or less leverage under the arm. The whole lot fits in the larger ALLROD case to be transported anywhere.

The ALLFLY series comes with multiple options, featuring either a 5/6 weight or a 7/8 weight with the option of a 1ft extender for extra reach. Each blank is handmade with 40T laser-cut carbon and constructed in a helical fashion so that the blank stays light, crisp and super strong. The smaller ALLROD is where the ALLFLY lives.

We’re really proud of what we’ve created and love seeing it out on the water all around New Zealand. And now, we’re about to launch our third set, ALLAND. This land-based set can be 8ft, 10ft or 12ft long and solves all sea sickness issues because it is built for land casting.

If you want some help deciding which kit is right for you, we are happy to talk you through everything TRYCD, anytime. Just yell out via email and we’ll get back to you.

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