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The Allrounder gives you everything you need for a day out on the water fishing, all from the one case!The Allrounder consists of the Allrod Saltwater Travel Case, the Allsalt Base, Allsalt Strayline Rod,  Allsalt Jigging Rod and Allsalt Softbait Rod. This is the perfect set up if you are fishing from a boat or Kayak.

You really need two reels for this setup, a nice light weight 30 or 40 sized reel for softbaiting and a 65 or 80 sized reel for the heavier forms of fishing.


(1 customer review)

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1 review for ALLROUNDER

  1. Grant (verified owner)

    Wicked set, very easy to travel with, bit tricky to re pack, but once I marked where each section went all good.

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