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The TRYCD number 4 is the tallest in the family of rods and is designed to cast things far and have plenty of grunt to land what hits. Designed primarily as a top water rod where a lure is cast and pulled quickly along the surface, this style of fishing is fast and exciting. The point though is that you are targeting big and powerful fish so you need a strong and powerful rod to win the battle, this is it.

This style of rod is also perfect for landbased missions or a more heavier duty strayline/baitfishing set with a bit more length so you can cast it further.

  • 8ft design, PE 2-5 rating, heavy action
  • 2 piece 30T carbon blank with a patented tip technology that results in a 300% increase in lifting power than that of a similar sized blank – its got plenty of grunt
  • 6 Super strong, corrosion resistant spinning guides
  • This product is only the top two sections of the rod so it does not include the base. The Allsalt base is required to make it a complete rod and the one base will work with all the different attachments, e.g. straylining, jigging, softbaiting and stickbaiting.



(2 customer reviews)

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  1. Graham

    I took the stick bait and jigging rods with me (carry on luggage of course) on a trip to Tahiti (work mostly) but did get the opportunity to go fish for GTs and Dog Tooth Tuna on an exceptionally rough day. On arrival and getting on board this amazingly purpose-built Mahi Mahi chase boat (this is another story) we headed out for the breaking water with me assembling the stick bait rod on the way, my Tahitian fishing buddies were watching me with very curious eyes and mumbling to each other as to this smallish looking outfit compared to their longer and thicker rods. I was using a Makaira 10000 spin reel with 80 LB braid and I had with me 3 x Savage poppers 19.5cm. I started casting the pink popper and was able to get into the white water and was getting a little tired trying to balance and cast to the maximum as my colleague was able to get a little further with his 10-foot rod and of course I was trying to match! Rest time and time to try another coloured Popper, on with the Sardine coloured one, first cast and bam into a solid GT, the looks on the faces of the team on board was worth it all, they couldn’t believe I was into one and their native colleagues had failed thus far, the TRYCD went into overdrive and we managed to get it away from the rocks and out into the deeper water, game on. Handling the rough conditions was trying enough and of course, these 20-25 kg fighters know how to put sone real hurt on as they use the total side of their body to resist you getting the better of them. The rod and real performed as it should and we had the fish aboard, photographed and back in the tide in good time. One of our French team on board wasn’t feeling so good in these seas so off we went with just the one catch to see if we could get a Doggie. Whilst on this quick trip I, of course, changed the rod over to the fast jigging version and was ready to go by the time we got there, again the guys on board were all very interested in this process I was going through and of course very impressed with this awesome compact system that more than handled the situation we were subjected too. We jigged (Savage 160gm jigs) in between the reef in somewhat calmer water but weren’t able to nail any of the targeted species but did manage other species of a slightly smaller size, suffice to say I was the only one to nail fish on this excursion and all on the TRYCD outfit. In summary, it was fantastic that I could travel on a plane with no bags and be able to have the versatility of the 2 rods that I needed for this trip which performed above my expectations and obviously impressed my fishing buddies to the extent one has purchased an outfit for his travels around the islands he goes to regularly.

  2. Cassie (verified owner)

    5 Star Quality! Needed something small and compact enough to store in a tiny studio apartment and was surprised at the quality for such a reasonably priced rod! Perfect length and action for throwing bigger stickballs and poppers and enough grunt down low to put some serious hurt on bigger fish.

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